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5 Questions: Academy Awards dramatic end, Kiwi murder victim's Oz trial, Universities cover up sexual assaults + More

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1. Was the Best Picture announcement the most epic fail in the history of the Oscars? And weren't the La La Land cast and crew amazingly gracious?

2. Will the Australian courts find justice for Kiwi woman, Tara Brown? Her ex-partner pleads guilty to her murder, before her mother reads a gut-wrenching victim’s impact statement.

3. Would NZ Universities see similar statistics as their Australian counterparts after a new report exposing sexual assaults? The cover-up across the ditch is extremely troubling.

4. If Trump is skipping the annual White House correspondent’s dinner, can Alec Baldwin go in his place? And Melissa McCarthy too?

5. What’s your favourite Bill Paxton movie? Another of Hollywood’s nice guys dies far too young.


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