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5 Questions: Ardern up for Labour deputy leader, Tania Dalton dies, women may go to moon in 2018 + More

Image: The Moon / Tomi Mäkitalo / Wikimedia Commons

1. What will Labour's fortunes be with Ardern as deputy leader? Labour deputy leader Annette King has announced she's stepping down and retiring from parliament. Newly-elected MP Jacinda Ardern has been nominated to be her replacement.

2. How will you remember Tania Dalton? The former Silver Fern has died.

3. Could the first woman go to the Moon next year? It sounds incredible, but SpaceX's Elon Musk has said he wants to send people into orbit around the Moon as early as 2018.

4. How threatening can a "lady-oriented" film be? India's Central Board of Film Certification is refusing to allow the film Lipstick Under My Burkha to be released over fears of it being "lady-oriented."

5. How awesome is Lego? The Danish toymaker has announced it will be making a special set featuring female NASA astronauts and scientists, after fans asked them to do so.


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