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5 Questions: Ardern wins by election, police shooting in Porirua, A Day Without A Woman guidelines set + More

Image: Jacinda Ardern / Wiremu Stadtwald Demchick / Wikimedia Commons

1. What's next for Jacinda Ardern? She's easily won the Mt Albert by-election, garnering more than 75 per cent of all votes cast.

2. What happened in Porirua? Police have shot a man dead after he allegedly attacked them with a machete.

3. Are you ready for A Day Without A Woman? Suggestions for how to take part in A Day Without A Woman on March 8 have been released. They include taking the day off from work or school, only shopping at local women or minority-owned businesses, and wearing red.

4. Is anyone surprised Kellyanne Conway has no idea what feminism means? The Orange One's surrogate claims she's a "post-feminist" and that feminism means being "anti-male" and "pro-abortion." If that wasn't bad enough, she also claimed the people who took part in the global Women's March "have a problem with women in power," seemingly oblivious to the fact that her boss has a well-known problem with being given advice by or even simply respecting women.

5. Are trans rights and women's rights one and the same? That's what Laverne Cox is saying.


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