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5 Questions: Auckland abduction attempt, Christchurch fires claim pilot, Teen gang rape victim speaks out + More

1. Do you recognise this car that Auckland police believe was involved in an attempted abduction? A woman managed to escape from the same vehicle soon afterwards.

2. Will emergency workers be able to get the Christchurch fires under control before more lives are lost? A helicopter pilot dies after his chopper crashed while fighting the blaze.

3. How amazingly brave was teenage gang rape victim, Cassidy Trevan? The Australian schoolgirl wrote a powerful letter warning others of her tragic story before taking her own life.

4. Why does it take a porn site to educate Utah users about real sex education? Maybe if the US state had passed the proposed bill for sex education in schools, they wouldn’t have to.

5. Has John Oliver created the perfect way to troll Donald Trump? And will it teach The Orange One something new?


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