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5 Questions: Auckland water crisis worsens, South Korean president removed, Pope calls for married priests + More

Image: Park Geun-hye / Korean Culture and Information Service / Wikimedia Commons

1. How are you coping with Auckland's water crisis? Residents are being asked to cut back on water use amid the city's worst water shortage in more than two decades. Among other recommendations, people are being asked to take showers three minutes shorter than normal, not take baths, not wash their cars, and flush their toilets as few times a day as possible.

2. What will happen to South Korea now that its first female leader has been ousted? Park Geun-hye, the first woman to lead South Korea, has been officially removed from office. At least three people have died in protests.

3. Could Catholic priests soon be allowed to marry? The Pope says he is considering allowing married men to become priests. If that happened, it would be a first for the Catholic Church.

4. How did such a terrible person become a judge in the first place? A Canadian judge who told a woman who had been raped she should have "kept her knees together" has resigned.

5. How awesome are Mercy Brewer and Lonely Lingerie? The lingerie brand is winning praise for casting 57-year-old Mercy Brewer in its latest campaign.


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