• Sat, 11, Mar, 2017 - 5:00:AM

5 Questions: Auckland water shortage, Wellington rape culture protest cancelled, Iceland demands equal pay + More

Image: Sentinel Beach in Auckland / Ben Mack

1. What is happening in Auckland? After torrential rainfall, Aotearoa's largest city is now experiencing its worst water shortage in 23 years. Residents are being urged to not take baths, take showers at least three minutes shorter than normal, and overall use about 20 litres of water less per day per person.

2. What's going on in Wellington? A planned protest against rape culture has been cancelled after boys at Wellington College made online comments threatening to run over demonstrators. The protest was to follow several episodes at area schools involving filming of female staff without consent and sexual harassment.

3. How awesome is Iceland? The country has announced plans to require companies to prove men and women are paid equally.

4. Can we talk about sexual harassment and abuse in the military? Images of nude female US military members are being shared on the internet without their consent.

5. What happened in Düsseldorf? Seven people have been hurt after a man attacked them with an axe in the German city's main train station.


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