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5 Questions: Auckland woman attacked, Life support turned off for Tania Dalton, Brie Larson takes a stand + More

Image: Disney/ABC Television via Flickr

1. Do you recognise this car or man after an attack in Auckland? A woman woke naked in an isolated location with a man standing over her holding a bat before escaping.

2. How will former Silver Fern, Tania Dalton, be remembered? Her family had to make the difficult decision to remove her from life support after suffering an irreversible aneurysm.

3. How much do we love Brie Larson’s silent statement supporting sexual assault survivors? She refused to clap for Casey Affleck when presenting him with the Best Actor award amid allegations he sexually harassed two female co-workers in 2010.

4. Will Trump meet with a transgender student whose sister sang at his inauguration? A Pennsylvanian judge has ruled she, and two other transgender students, can continue using the girls high school bathroom after their school board voted that they could not.

5. What’s your guess on Lorde’s new album title? Will ‘Macadamia’ work as the next ‘Lemonade’?


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