• Mon, 13, Feb, 2017 - 6:18:AM

5 Questions: Australia burns, Calls for inquiry for childhood abuse victims, J. K. Rowling slays Piers Morgan + more

1. Will the victims of childhood abuse at the hands of the state finally receive answers? The Human Rights Commission calls for an inquiry.

2. Who turned up the heat in Australia? Aussies gripped by heat wave as fires rip through NSW.

3. Has Trump’s Muslim ban rhetoric emboldened homegrown xenophobes? Arrest made in Huntly incident.

4. What did you think of Bill English’s first outing at the Big Gay Out? Prime Minister attends event after history of voting against legislation in favour of LGBTQ+ community.

5. Can we make J. K. Rowling Queen of the Universe? Potter author slays Piers Morgan online.


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