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5 Questions: Canadian mosque attack, Trump pisses people off again ... and again + More

Image: Kim Faires/ Flickr

1. Are terrorists targeting Canada now? After a shooting at a Quebec mosque during evening prayers killing six, it would appear so.

2. Is this the reaction Trump was looking for when he instigated his Muslim travel ban? Confusion reigns as travellers remain stranded around the world, and protests increase.

3. And while we’re talking about Trump, was there any specific reason why he felt compelled to NOT acknowledge Jews in the White House Holocaust Remembrance Day statement? Apparently six million deaths under Nazi Germany’s reign wasn’t worthy of a mention.

4. Are film & television awards nights the only place to get worldwide attention on the diversity issues at hand? The SAG Awards sees most winners making reference to the importance of diversity in the world.

5. Did you watch the Australian Open Men’s Final? And why is it always played as the last ‘major’ match over the Women’s Final? Just asking.


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