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5 Questions: Day Without A Woman planned, SNL again eviscerates Trump, Russia decriminalises domestic violence + More

Image: Marching down Queen St at the Women's March in Auckland / Ben Mack

1. Will you be taking part in the Day Without A Woman? The organisers of the global Women's March are planning a new event to show just how important equality is. 

2. Has there ever been a US president more afraid of women than Trump? The Orange One is reportedly incredibly upset that his equally-detestable press secretary Sean Spicer was hilariously portrayed by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live because it made him "look weak." We can only imagine what will happen if arch-nemesis Rosie O'Donnell gets to play Steve Bannon.

3. Seriously, Russia?! Vladimir Putin has just approved a law that decriminalises domestic violence.

4. Should another US military vessel be allowed to visit Aotearoa? The US Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) Polar Star has been given permission to stop in Lyttelton on its way back from Antarctica. 

5. Can we agree that Melania Trump is also a pretty terrible person? The US First Lady is upset because an article might have hurt her chances to "make millions" selling things like clothes and perfume on the coattails of her husband's presidency, according to court filings.


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