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5 Questions: A Day Without A Woman, violence rising against trans people in US, Snapchat under fire again + More

Image: 2016 Summer Olympics taekwondo bronze medal winner Kimia Alizadeh, the first Iranian woman to win an Olympic medal / Boaz Guttman / Flickr

1. What changes might the A Day Without A Woman strikes help bring about? On the same day as International Women's Day, A Day Without A Woman strikes take place throughout the United States.

2. Can we talk about the rise in violence against trans and gender-diverse people? There's been a marked increase in violence and threats against trans and gender-diverse people in the US since Trump's election. The latest incident comes in the form of threats inside a gender neutral restroom in a Portland, Oregon high school threatening to kill anyone who uses the facilities.

3. Seriously, Snapchat? The app has rolled out three new filters celebrating painter Frida Kahlo, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and scientist Marie Curie. The problem: the filters also automatically digitally add eyeshadow and smooth out the skin. 

4. Do we need to have a discussion about filming without permission and consent? Year 9 boys have been suspended from an Upper Hutt school after they were caught inappropriately filming female staff members.

5. Can a sports company help fight intolerance? Nike has unveiled a new hi-tech hijab for Muslim athletes. 


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