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5 Questions: Dome Valley guilty verdict, Polyfest brawls online, Adele stands up for audience + More

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1. Will the victim of the appalling Dome Valley attacks find some peace now? Jurors unanimously found four of her attackers guilty of the charges against them.

2. Do you know the people involved in the Polyfest brawls? Videos posted online show multiple fights that happened during the event, with the perpetrators still unidentified.

3. How much longer can rebels continue to fight in Syria? A surprise attack breaks out in a government-held part of Damascus.

4. Did you know the term ‘heterosexuality’ has only been around for the last century? And it didn’t have a positive meaning either.

5. Do you stand up or sit down at concerts? Adele bawls out an over-zealous security guard for forcing audience members to stay seated. And she managed to officiate a marriage proposal too.


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