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5 Questions: Germany monitors suspected extremists, Putin foe poisoned, Te Tii Marae bans media with cameras + More

Image: Elena Delle Donne / MavsFan28 / Wikimedia Commons

1. Is putting ankle monitors on people suspected of extremist links OK? Germany's government has approved the use of ankle bracelets to monitor “extremists considered potentially dangerous” in response to December’s Christmas market attack.

2. Has Putin poisoned another of his opponents? It sure looks that way. 

3. Is banning media with cameras from Te Tii Marae the right call? Media with cameras have been banned from Te Tii Marae.

4. Do you agree with companies dropping Ivanka Trump products? US department store chains Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have stopped selling Ivanka Trump-branded products amid widespread boycotts of companies that do business with the Trump family.

5. Can we talk about the inequality of coverage of sportswomen? Elena Delle Donne - the best female basketball player in the world - has been traded in one of the biggest transactions ever in women's sports. So why aren't more media outlets talking about it?


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