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5 Questions: Half-brother of Kim Jong Un assassinated, Trump National Security Advisor out, Port Hills fire rages + More

Image: North Korean military recruits along the Taedong River in Pyongyang / calflier001 / Wikimedia Commons

1. Why would Kim Jong Un order the killing of his half-brother in Malaysia? Kim Jong Un's half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, has been killed by a pair of female assassins who walked up to him in the busy shopping mall inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport and covered his face with a poison-laced cloth. He died soon after, and the assassins remain at large after allegedly escaping in a taxi. The targeted killing is the northeast Asian nation's boldest in decades.

2. Are we getting closer to discovering just how close Trump really is to Russia? National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is no longer directly part of the Orange One's administration after it was revealed he lied about his ties to Russian government officials.

3. How did the fires in the Port Hills start? More evacuations around Christchurch as a massive fire continues to burn. Earlier, a firefighter was killed fighting the blaze.

4. How sad is it that we still need a campaign for gender pay parity in 2017? 'Treat Her Right' campaign launches to bring awareness to the pay gap that still exists between women and men in Aotearoa.

5. Can we talk about how dominant the University of Connecticut women's basketball team is? They've won 100 games in a row - the first team at an American university to achieve the feat in any sport for any gender. They haven't lost since 2014.


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