• Tue, 14, Feb, 2017 - 5:00:AM

5 Questions: Housing shortage builds, Sex superbug discovered, North Korea missile test + More

1. How will the government find the 40 new homes needed each day? New statistics released make for depressing reading in the on-going housing shortage issue.

2. Have you heard of the new STD called MG? Neither have many sexual health clinics.

3. Is North Korea playing Trump with its new missile test? And he is unstable enough to do something stupid in retaliation?

4. How totally NOT OK is injecting refugee children with contraceptives because they will probably be raped? Another vile practice from Northern African people smugglers.

5. Is William Pike one of the most inspirational Kiwi’s around? The Mt Ruapehu amputee is off to conquer Antarctica’s Mt Scott.


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