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5 Questions: IWD celebrated, 100-year flooding hits NZ, Wikileaks reveals CIA hacking tools + More

Image: International Women's Day in Helmand, Afghanistan / UK Department for International Development / Wikimedia Commons

1. What did you do for International Women's Day? Events take place around the world.

2. When will the flooding let up? "One-in-a-hundred-year" flooding hits East Auckland and the Coromandel.

3. How many of your devices can the CIA access? Wikileaks releases documents it claims shows the CIA can hack into people's phones, TVs, and even their cars. Security experts are already saying the documents, if authentic, are likely to be far more damaging than those released by Edward Snowden.

4. Are we really the 10th-best country in the world for women? Aotearoa has been ranked the 10th-best country in the world for women by US News. Australia is eighth, and Sweden is first.

5. What is happening in North Korea? After banning all Malaysians from leaving the country - effectively imprisoning them - the northeast Asian nation has fired ballistic missiles that landed just a few hundred kilometres from the coast of Japan. The North Korean government has said the tests were practise for blowing up US bases in Japan. In response, the US has deployed the controversial THAAD anti-missile system, moved Aegis-equipped warships closer to North Korean waters, and also publicly acknowledged for the first time a years-long covert cyber war against North Korea.


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