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5 Questions: Kidnapped girls freed, women march in Venezuela, Saudi king eases some restrictions on women + More

Image: Women in niqabs / Zaminamina / Wikimedia Commons

1. What more must we do to #BringBackOurGirls? At least 82 young women from the Nigerian town of Chibok who were kidnapped by the terror group Boko Haram have been released after three years.

2. Can women help change Venezuela for the better? Thousands of women have taken to the streets of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas to demand the recognition of basic human rights and to demonstrate against president Nicolas Maduro's increasingly authoritarian policies.

3. Are things getting better for Saudi women? For the first time, Saudi Arabia is allowing women to work in certain jobs, study at certain schools, and receive certain medical treatments at certain medical facilities without a man's permission.

4. What do you think the penalty for rape should be? Four men convicted of gang rape in India have been sentenced to death.

5. Can laws about photoshopping and a minimum BMI for models help combat eating disorders? A new law in France will require photos that have been airbrushed or otherwise modified to carry a disclaimer that they have been altered, while models will have to present a doctor's note proving they have a healthy BMI before they are allowed to take to the catwalk.


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