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5 Questions: More Pike River footage released, Obamacare repealed, no abortions in Rotorua + More

Image: The US Capitol / Diliff / Wikimedia Commons

1. Will the release of more video help bring closure to the families affected by the Pike River disaster? Police have released more than 13 hours of video from inside the Pike River mine.

2. Can we finally agree that Trump and his cohorts don't care for other people at all? The Affordable Care Act passed under Barack Obama - which gave everyone in the US health insurance for the first time in the nation's history - has been repealed and a new version, dubbed 'Trumpcare,' has cleared its first hurdle in the US House of Representatives. Not only is the proposed health bill being called one of the worst things to happen to women's rights in years, but it will also leave tens of millions of Americans with pre-existing medical conditions no healthcare whatsoever.

3. What's going on in Rotorua? An application by Southern Cross to perform abortions in Rotorua has been withdrawn. Southern Cross' executive has said the application should never have been made. There are currently no doctors or health providers performing abortions in Rotorua.

4. Can we talk about the growing gender pay gap among young people? A new study shows the wage gap between young women and men is growing.

5. How awesome is Lucie Myslíková? The 16-year-old Girl Scout bravely stood up to a group of neo-Nazis in the Czech city of Brno.


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