• Mon, 15, May, 2017 - 5:00:AM

5 Questions: Mother's Day marked, tech costs rising, Uber stoush with NZ airports + More

Image: The domestic terminal at Auckland Airport / Ben Mack

1. How did you mark Mother's Day? The holiday is marked around the world.

2. Can we talk about the rising costs of the technology that's necessary for our lives? When the iPhone 8 is released this year, it'll be the most expensive iPhone ever, costing at least US$1,000.

3. Have you had a hard time ordering an Uber from the airport? If so, you're not alone, as the ride sharing app's relationship with major airports including Christchurch and Wellington is deteriorating.

4. Should militaries be allowed to advertise to attract more recruits? The US Marine Corps has released its first advert showing women in combat in a bid to get more women to sign up.

5. Just another day in North Korea? The northeast Asian nation now says it's "open" to the idea of diplomatic talks with the US and South Korea "under the right conditions" - on the same day it test-fired more missiles.


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