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5 Questions: North Korea enigma, London fire, US Congress member shot + More

Image: Korean People's Army troops on the DMZ with South Korea in Panmunjom / Ben Mack

1. What's going on in North Korea? Dennis Rodman is back, a 22-year-old American being held since January 2016 has been evacuated as it has been revealed he has been in a coma for more than a year, and a drone flew over the DMZ and reportedly took photos and video of missile defence systems.

2. What happened in London? Several people have died in a massive fire at a high-rise apartment complex.

3. Who would shoot a US Congress member? House of Representatives member Steve Scalise and several other people were shot in Virginia while playing baseball.

4. Can we talk about rising food prices? They've gone up by their fastest rate in more than six years.

5. Can wearing white spur change in Iran? A new social media campaign called #whitewednesday, in which people post pictures and videos of themselves wearing white headscarves or pieces of white clothing as symbols of protest against a law which forces women to wear a headscarf, is gaining momentum.


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