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5 Questions: North Korea war drums beating, Ivanka booed in Berlin, Invercargill shooting + More

Image: Korean People's Army soldiers / Martin Cígler / Wikimedia Commons

1. How close is the US to going to war with North Korea? The entire US Senate has been asked to attend a briefing at the White House. The incredibly rare move has, in the past, been used to inform the Senate of plans to go to war.

2. Do you really believe that, Ivanka? Ivanka Trump speaks on a panel in Berlin featuring some of the most powerful women in the world about why she apparently thinks her father cares about women's rights, and is promptly booed.

3. What happened in Invercargill? A woman is dead in an alleged shooting. A police officer has been charged with murder.

4. What is the UN thinking?! Saudi Arabia, a country where women are not allowed to even leave their homes without a man's permission, has been elected to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

5. What's Russia up to in France? As the French presidential election heats up, hackers allegedly linked to the Russian government are attacking Emmanuel Macron, the opponent of Kremlin-friendly candidate and far-right politician Marine Le Pen.


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