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5 Questions: North Korean tensions continue to boil, Southland shark attack, 13 Reasons Why rated RP18 + More

Image: Two Korean People’s Army soldiers outside the Palace of International Friendship in North Korea / Roman Harak / Flickr

1. Should we believe Trump's warnings of North Korea war? Amid increasing tensions, the Orange One has said that "absolutely" there's a chance a "major, major conflict" with North Korea could break out, as the US begins installing the controversial THAAD missile defence system in South Korea - a move which nations like China have said risks destabilising the entire region. Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe have pleaded for calm, and a restriction on petrol sales to the public in North Korea has been extended - raising questions if there is a genuine fuel shortage, if more fuel is being sent to the military - or if it could prevent any actual armed conflict from even taking place. And if that's not enough, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that China has threatened to impose further sanctions on North Korea if it conducts more nuclear tests.

2. What happened in Southland? A woman from France was bitten by a shark while surfing near Curio Bay.

3. Should young people be allowed to watch 13 Reasons Why? The Office of Film & Literature Classification has given the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why an RP18 rating - meaning people under 18 can only watch it with a parent, guardian, or someone over 18. They say the reason for the rating is because New Zealand has the highest rate of teen suicide in the developed world.

4. Is NASA really running out of spacesuits? Unfortunately, yes.

5. Can we talk about sexual assault and domestic violence in sports? Reporters who cover athletes and teams every day are speaking out about the problem and sharing their own experiences.


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