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5 Questions: NZ population rising, Trump threatens former FBI head, cyberattack spreading worldwide + More

Image: The Seattle Storm and New York Liberty in a WNBA basketball match / Danny Karwoski / Wikimedia Commons

1. Could overcrowding in Aotearoa one day be an issue? New Zealand's population rose by more than 100,000 last year - the largest rise since 1974.

2. Will this be enough to get Trump quickly thrown out of office? The Orange One has threatened recently-fired FBI director James Comey on Twitter. In doing so, he may have committed an offence that could lead to his impeachment.

3. Has your computer been infected? A massive global ransomware cyberattack is spreading. It's believed to be the largest attack of its kind ever, crippling targets as diverse as the UK's NHS and Russia's Interior Ministry.

4. Can we talk about bullying and violence at all-girls schools? A student at a South Island college for girls was allegedly assaulted over the colour of her hair.

5. Are you excited for the WNBA's new season? The basketball league's 21st season begins today. With more superstar players than ever and increasing fan interest and exposure, expectations are at an all-time high.


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