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5 Questions: Pope urges North Korea calm, sunken stadium proposed, 100 days of Trump + More

Image: People inside the Pyongyang Gold Lane bowling alley in North Korea / Ben Mack

1. Can the Pope stop a war with North Korea? Pope Francis has publicly called on the US and North Korea to step away from the brink, pleading that "the future of humanity" is at risk.

2. Could Aotearoa be getting the world's first "sunken" stadium? A new proposal for a brand-new national stadium along Auckland's waterfront features a "sunken" design where the pitch and many seats would actually be below the water line. The stadium, if built, would be the first of its kind in the world.

3. Are you surprised we've survived the first 100 days of Trump? There's only 1,360 days left until his term ends - unless he's impeached first.

4. What were you thinking, Belgium? The European nation's prime minister has apologised after it was revealed it helped elect Saudi Arabia onto the UN's women's rights committee.

5. What's happening in Russia? Protests calling for president Vladimir Putin to step down have erupted nationwide for the second time in a year.


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