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5 Questions: Radio host slams bosses, Democrats set to make history, Mass hangings in Syria + More

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1. Is venting about your employer on social media a smart move? Polly Gillespie was off-air on The Hits the day after sharing a Facebook rant over her bosses at NZME.

2. Will the Democrats make history by opposing every remaining Cabinet candidate put forward? A unanimous decision against a first-term president hasn’t occurred in recent times.

3. How many more atrocities will be revealed about Syria? Amnesty International says up to 13,000 people were secretly hanged at one of the country’s most notorious prisons.

4. Will Nepalese transgender model, Anjali Lama, help break down binary stereotypes in Asia? She is already making history walking at India’s Fashion Week.

5. Does California really need the US Government? The Orange One suggests defunding the state may be an option amidst threats to become a sanctuary state.


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