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5 Questions: Russia probe reaches Kushner, Ariana Grande plans benefit, Auckland Harbour Bridge plans + More

Image: Auckland Harbour Bridge / Pavel Spindler / Wikimedia Commons

1. Is the "Russiagate" net closing in on the Orange One himself? Trusted advisor Jared Kushner has been accused of trying to set up secret back-channel communications networks with the Kremlin.

2. What do you think of Ariana Grande's Manchester benefit concert? The singer says she's planning a benefit concert in Manchester.

3. Is the Auckland Harbour Bridge a global attraction? City leaders seem to think it could be - and there's a new $10 million plan to install 90,000 LED lights to try and turn it into just that.

4. What's happening in Bangladesh? A statue of a woman meant to personify justice has been removed from outside the South Asian nation's supreme court, as hard-liners press for curtailing freedoms for women and limiting the influence of Western culture.

5. Can we talk about people who refuse to vaccinate their children? Under a new law in Germany, kindergartens will report parents who refuse vaccine advice. The new law comes amid tightening vaccine regulations throughout Europe, and an ever-increasing amount of research that shows not being vaccinated is incredibly dangerous.


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