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5 Questions: School shooting in France, number of female leaders stagnates, dog killed at Auckland Airport + More

Image: Angela Merkel / Ratislav Polak / Wikimedia Commons

1. Can we talk about far-right politics, violent video games and the radicalisation of young men? Four people were shot, and 10 injured, after a 16-year-old gunman opened fire at a high school in southern France. The alleged perpetrator purportedly had a fascination with far-right politics and violent video games and music.

2. Can we talk about the stagnant number of women leading nations? A new report says the number of female leaders around the world has plateaued. Of 193 countries around the world, just 16 are led by women.

3. What happened at Auckland Airport? Outrage after an aviation security services dog named Grizz was shot dead by police after he ran around the runways.

4. Can we agree Trump's new health plan is effing terrible? The Orange One has revealed a proposed health plan so bad that simply giving birth could bankrupt most American women.

5. How awesome is Chelsea Clinton? Hillary Clinton's daughter is writing a children's book about inspiring women. It'll be called "She Persisted."


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