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5 Questions: Shooting at Paris airport, Great Barrier Reef dying, trolls attack NZ entrepreneur + More

Image: Soldiers in Brest, France / Rama / Wikimedia Commons

1. What happened in Paris? Man shot dead after he tried to take a female soldier's gun at the French capital's Orly Airport.

2. Can we talk about the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef? The reef is dying off due to a record-breaking bleaching caused by extreme heat.

3. Can we talk about misogyny and racism in NZ? Entrepreneur Deanna Yang has been the target of a vicious campaign of abuse since she appeared in an advert for Visa. Many of the attacks have been focused on the fact she's a woman and her ethnicity - even though she was born in New Zealand.

4. Can we talk about sex and people in rest homes? A new Massey University study says confirms what we already knew - that adults have sex regardless of age - and that it may be time for a rethink of policies.

5. How will NZ's new pro netball league fare without Australia? We'll find out on Sunday when the ANZ Premiership debuts.


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