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5 Questions: Tide turning in Port Hills, A Day Without A Woman date set, Trump loses it again + More

Image: The Women's March in Auckland / Ben Mack

1. Is the tide slowly turning in the fight against the Port Hills fires? Much-needed rain is bringing some relief for firefighters and residents.

2. Are you ready for A Day Without A Woman? Organisers of behind the Women’s March set March 8 - which also is International Women's Day - for "A Day Without A Woman".

3. How unhinged can Trump get? The Orange One gives a disastrous press conference at which he spends more than 70 minutes berating journalists and repeatedly lying. His choice to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor and Labor Secretary picks have withdrawn their nominations, investigations into his ties to the Russian government are continuing, and now he's claiming that Melania Trump is a "great advocate" for "women's difficulties."

4. Is Aotearoa actually part of a continent? That's what some scientists are now saying, anyway.

5. Why aren't more people talking about the terror attack in Pakistan? At least 75 people have been killed in a suicide attack.


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