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5 Questions: Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping, Waikato woman missing, women's sports gain prominence + More

Image: The United States vs France in the women's rugby sevens tournament at the 2016 Summer Olympics / Tim Hipps / Wikimedia Commons

1. Has Trump officially lost it? The Orange One is claiming that former US president Barack Obama has been wiretapping his phones and leading a "rebellion" against him - without providing any proof whatsoever. Unsurprisingly, calls for impeachment or the invocation of the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution - which allows for the removal of a president if she or he is deemed mentally unfit - are growing.

2. What happened to Kim Richmond? The Waikato mum has been missing for seven months.

3. What's been taking so long for women's sports to get more coverage? The popular TV channel Eurosport has announced it is adding women's rugby to its lineup of coverage as ratings for and interest in women's sports continues to grow. Yet at the same time, there's continued concern sexism and male privilege fuel unbalanced coverage.

4. Is Brawny gender-swapping its mascot sincere, or just a ploy to make more money? The Brawny paper towel company - famed for its images of a man in a flannel shirt on its packaging - has replaced its mascot with a woman for Women's History Month. Their reasoning: "strength has no gender."

5. Seriously, Russia? The country is considering banning the upcoming film "Beauty and the Beast" because it features a homosexual relationship. 


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