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5 Questions: Trump appeals restraining order, Media banned from Waitangi, Concerns for British rape victims + more

Image: Protest sign / Alisdare Hickson / Wikimedia Commons

1. Will Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslims be found to be unconstitutional? White House files appeal after federal judge issues restraining order on the government to halt the controversial measure.

2. How will you be celebrating Waitangi Day today? New Zealand celebrates national day.

3. Are the media blameless in the latest Waitangi stoush? Te Tii Marae blocks media from entering marae grounds.

4. Is the United States watching the power of protest in Romania? Romanian revolt over the controversial repeal of anti-corruption laws results in backdown from the government.

5. Are British judges giving alleged rape victims a fair go? Study reveals judges often allow questions about accusers’ sexual histories and clothing to be discussed in court.


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