• Sun, 29, Jan, 2017 - 5:00:AM

5 Questions: Trump bans refugees, North Korea restarts nuclear reactor, California may secede from US + More

Image: Korean People's Army soldiers at Panmunjom / Ben Mack

1. How long will it be before the world starts doing something about America's awfulness? The Orange One officially bans refugees and anyone from seven Muslim-majority nations from coming to the United States for any reason... on Holocaust Remembrance Day, no less.

2. Should we be worried that it appears North Korea has resumed work at its main nuclear plant? New images suggest the Asian nation has resumed enrichment of plutonium - which can be used in atomic bombs - at its nuclear site at Yongbyon.

3. Could California leave the US? "Calexit" organisers have been given permission to start collecting signatures for a petition to secede from the United States.

4. Is banning free fizzy drink refills a good way to fight obesity? France bans free refills of fizzy drinks.

5. What did you do to celebrate the Lunar New Year? Year of the Rooster dawns.


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