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5 Questions: Trump ending protections for trans people, women advance in Saudi Arabia, famine in South Sudan + More

Image: The Jamam refugee camp in South Sudan / Robert Stansfield, Department for International Development / Wikimedia Commons

1. Could Trump be about to end protections for trans people? It sure looks that way, with the Orange One set to issue an order that allows individual states to decide to force trans people to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to the sex they were assigned at birth.

2. Are things changing for women in Saudi Arabia? Women have taken the top jobs at Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange and one of its national banks.

3. What can we do to end the famine in South Sudan? The United Nations has declared a famine in parts of South Sudan, the first anywhere in the world in six years. Northeast Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen are also at risk.

4. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Milo Yiannopoulos? The professional troll and hate-monger resigns from far-right website Breitbart, loses his US$250,000 book deal, and has a speaking invite rescinded after recordings emerged of him advocating paedophilia. At a press conference announcing his resignation, he said he himself was a child sexual abuse victim.

5. How did Russia's UN ambassador die? Russia's ambassador to the United Nations has suddenly died. He's the third Russian ambassador to die in as many months.


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