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5 Questions: Trump immigration ban ruled illegal, mass whale beaching on South Island, male birth control gel shows promise + More

Image: First Lt. Kira Gonzalez during preparations for an unarmed Minuteman III missile test launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California / Michael Peterson / Wikimedia Commons

1. What comes next in the battle over Trump's immigration ban? US federal judges have refused to reinstate the Orange's One's immigration ban, causing the overgrown man-baby to throw a temper tantrum on Twitter. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the rest of the world is cheering.

2. What is happening at Farewell Spit? About 400 pilot whales have beached themselves at Farewell Spit in Golden Bay in the upper South Island. Between 250 and 300 have already died. The stranding is one of the largest in Aotearoa on record.

3. Could long-term birth control for males soon become reality? A sperm-blocking gel has been found to have successfully prevented pregnancies in rhesus monkeys.

4. Is Trump itching for a nuclear war with Russia? It sure seems like a possibility, after it was revealed that the Orange One reportedly complained in a phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin that an Obama-era nuclear arms control treaty was a "bad deal" for the US.

5. Why would the UK stop allowing unaccompanied refugees under 18 in? It's a question a lot of people are asking.


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