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5 Questions: Trump impeachment demands, Syria war crimes cover-up, Family First losing charity status + More

Image: The Women's March in Washington, DC / Tnewman39 / Wikimedia Commons

1. Is the end drawing nearer for the Trump administration? We can only hope, as calls for his impeachment are growing louder after it was revealed the Orange One demanded that now-fired FBI director James Comey stop investigating one of his aides.

2. Can the situation in Syria get any more horrific? New evidence shows the Syrian government has installed crematoriums at the Sednaya prison in the Middle East nation, where US intelligence sources say up to 50 people are being hanged each day and their bodies cremated so as to hide evidence of war crimes. The Syrian government is calling the accusations "a Hollywood plot" - but has not offered any other defence.

3. Karma, anyone? Family First is set to lose its charitable status.

4. Can we talk about the struggle for women's rights in Myanmar? As the southeast Asian nation democratises, women's rights are still lagging behind those of men.

5. Can we talk about young women being tricked into porn? It remains a serious problem.


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