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5 Questions: Trump ruins Australia relations, IRD shutdown ahead of tax deadline, judge blocks Texas anti-abortion law + More

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1. Can Trump just be removed on grounds that he's lost the plot? The Orange One hung up on a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, because he was upset Turnbull asked if the US would still honour its commitment to take in 1,500 refugees currently being held on Nauru. Experts are already calling it the worst break in US-Australian relations ever. If that's not enough, he also threatened to yank government funding of the University of California at Berkeley because students protested a hate-filled speech by virulent misogynist/white supremacist/homophobe/transphobe/internet troll/die-hard Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos. Oh, and insiders say it's now a matter of when, not if, the US invades Iran. Did we mention he's started rolling back sanctions on Russia's spy agency? We should also mention he's asked that churches be allowed to discriminate based on religious beliefs and called for the repeal of rights for LGBTQ+ and anyone not cisgender.

2. Did IRD make the right call in shutting down services ahead of the tax deadline? IRD's online payment service, contact centre and front of house service has shut down until Tuesday to make way for changes around GST - causing headaches because the tax payment deadline is also on Tuesday.

3. How amazing is Sam Sparks? The US federal judge has blocked a Texas law requiring women to bury or cremate aborted fetal tissue. Hopefully it'll last in Trump's America.

4. Could an infant die because of Trump's immigration ban? Four-month old infant Fatemah is in need of life-saving heart surgery in the US, which she can't get because of the Orange One's immigration ban. Her parents and doctors in her native Iran say that if she does not get the surgery, she will probably die in a few weeks.

5. Can we talk about the lack of female directors of colour in Hollywood? It's a serious problem, as jsut five per cent of Hollywood films in 2016 were directed by people of colour - and only four per cent were directed by women.


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