• Wed, 25, Jan, 2017 - 7:00:AM

5 Questions: Trump signs away women's rights, Brexit now in MP's hands, SNL writer in hot water + More

Image: Quinn Dombrowski/ Flickr

1. How many misogynists does it take to sign away women’s reproductive rights? At least seven, led by The Orange One wielding a pen.

2. What will Theresa May’s next move be? And will British MP’s trigger Article 50 or not to implement Brexit?

3. Didn’t anyone brief Ewan McGregor that Women’s March critic Piers Morgan would be interviewing him? Apparently not.

4. Is mocking Barron Trump on Twitter a sackable offence? Potentially, according to SNL producers.

5. Have you seen La La Land yet? With a record-tying fourteen nominations for this year’s Academy Awards, you might want to if you haven’t already.


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