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5 Questions: US law would let docs lie, milestone for trans women, LGBTQ+ discrimination in justice system + More

Image: The Texas State Capitol / Larry D. Moore / Wikimedia Commons

1. Why does Texas seem to hate the idea of women making informed choices about their own bodies? A proposed law in Texas would let doctors lie to women considering terminating a pregnancy about whether the foetus would be at risk of a disability if it were carried to term.

2. How amazing is Laurel Hubbard? She's just become the first trans woman to earn a spot on New Zealand's national weightlifting team - and perhaps the first trans woman to earn a spot any New Zealand national sporting team.

3. Can we talk about the US justice system's discrimination of LGBTQ+ women? A new study reveals that LGBTQ+ women are being incarcerated in the US at much higher rates than heterosexual women.

4. Can America get much worse? The Department of Homeland Security is considering separating women and children from adult males when they are caught without immigration documentation. And they're also considering requiring all visitors give them their social media passwords upon entering the US.

5. How can someone really think women should earn less than men? We're asking ourselves that very question. Did we mention those reasons are also bullshit? But apparently a member of the European Parliament thinks otherwise.


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