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5 Questions: US mulls North Korea attack, study says women better under pressure, Trump meets Merkel + More

Image: The Pyongyang Metro / Ben Mack

1. Is the US preparing to attack North Korea? It sounds incredibly alarming, but it appears to be a possibility after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson publicly said America was considering a pre-emptive attack on the northeast Asian nation to halt the development of its nuclear weapons programme. It's the toughest talk on North Korea in years by a senior US official, and comes amid annual joint military exercises between the US and South Korea that already has the North threatening nuclear war.

2. Are women better at handling extreme pressure than men? That's what a new study suggests.

3. How long will it be before Trump is evaluated by mental health professionals? After a press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel in which he refused to shake her hand, the Orange One is repeating he claims that former US president Barack Obama wiretapped him - and it now also saying the British government has been spying on him, too.

4. Did you see anything in Mt Roskill on Friday night? A young woman out jogging with two of her relatives was attacked by a group of men in Mt Roskill's War Memorial Park on Friday night.

5. What happened off the coast of Yemen? At least 31 refugees from Somalia were killed when the boat they were in was hit by an airstrike. 


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