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5 Questions: US prepping for North Korea war, study on young women and binge drinking, UN slams NZ + More

Image: Female Korean People's Army recruits along the banks of the Taedong River in central Pyongyang, North Korea / calflier001 / Wikimedia Commons

1. Can war with North Korea be averted? Almost the entire US Senate has attended a classified meeting at the White House, an incredibly rare move traditionally used by presidents to announce plans to go to war. Ominously, US officials have also announced that military preparations are "underway." For its part, North Korea has held its largest artillery drills ever and has again vowed to "annihilate" the United States and its allies if attacked.

2. Is binge drinking a serious problem among young women in Aotearoa? A new study claims it is.

3. Can we talk about the use of solitary confinement in NZ? A new United Nations report is slamming New Zealand's use of solitary confinement

4. Have women's scientific accomplishments been overlooked in our past? Yes - and that's what Kate Hannah from Te Pūnaha Matatini at the University of Auckland is saying in an article in the Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

5. Did Christchurch bar owners really think an offensive sign would be good for business? A Christchurch bar is under fire for a sign that's both homophobic and offensive to vegans.


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