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5 Questions: US slides further into authoritarianism, new government in Gambia, Americans fleeing to NZ + More

Image: Serekunda market in Gambia / Mark Hodson / Flickr

1. How bad was day six of authoritarian America? Unfortunately, just as horrific as the other days, as the Orange One orders work to resume on the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. He also ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to stop posting on social media and speaking with reporters or the public and making new plans or policies. If that's not enough, aides are reportedly concerned he spends too much time watching TV instead of reading up on policy or going to meetings.

2. What comes next in Gambia? A new government has taken office after former president Yahya Jammeh agreed to go into exile following foreign military involvement after he refused to cede power, but massive challenges remain.

3. Been noticing more Americans in Aotearoa lately? You're not imagining things, as 13,401 Americans applied for residency in the week after Trump's election win - 17 times the normal rate.

4. Are you excited for The Last Jedi? The title of the latest Star Wars film has been unveiled.

5. What will happen to students affected by the NZQA's latest tertiary institution crackdown? NZQA has shut down the Auckland-based Aotearoa Tertiary Institute (ATI) due to issues of improperly trained staff and poor record-keeping. About 200 international students are affected by the closure.


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