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5 Questions: Whale rescue efforts continue, Trump planning new immigration ban, UN says more women needed in STEM + More

Image: A Ladies Learning Code workshop in Toronto / Jon Lim / Wikimedia Commons

1. How did hundreds of whales strand themselves on an upper South Island beach? That's one of many questions as efforts to save the pilot whales continue amid worldwide media coverage.

2. Is a new US travel ban in the works? The Orange One is reportedly considering issuing another executive order banning people from coming to the US after his latest setback in court.

3. If the UN says we need more women in STEM, shouldn't we listen? A new report from the United Nations says that although more women around the world are graduating from universities with life science degrees, women remain vastly under-represented in engineering and computer science, especially in developed economies.

4. So how close is Trump to Russia, really? US government investigators have said for the first time that parts of an explosive dossier alleging Trump's ties to Russia - including the claim that he was so blatantly pro-Putin because the Russian government had compromising photos and videos of the Orange One - which Trump and his supporters have decried as "completely false," appear to be true.

5. Could one of Europe's largest drug busts ever cut down on the trade in NZ? Police in the Netherlands have intercepted a delivery of enough ingredients to make up to one billion ecstasy tablets.


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