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5 Questions: Whanganui River granted personhood, Trump travel ban blocked, far right loses Dutch election + More

Image: The Whanganui River / Jacqui McGowan / Wikimedia Commons

1. What do you reckon of a river being granted legal personhood? The Whanganui River has been granted personhood after a 170-year legal battle.

2. Is the tide turning against Trump? A judge in Hawaii has blocked the Orange One's second Islamophobic travel ban.

3. Is the far-right's power waning? Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has won a re-election campaign against far-right figure Geert Wilders.

4. How brave are the members of the US Women's National Hockey Team? The US Women's National Hockey Team is boycotting the upcoming World Championships because they're being paid next to nothing, and far less than members of the men's team despite winning more matches. Oh, and they're also the reigning world champions.

5. What the hell, America?! The Orange One's administration is sending representatives from anti-woman and anti-LGBT+ groups (which are also classified by the Southern Poverty Law Centre as hate groups) to the 61st annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. 


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